Jazz kick-off at college Wednesday

Doc Kick off Poster

CLINTON — Hamilton College professor of music, “Doc” Michael Woods presents his 24th Annual Jazz Kick-off Concert on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 9 p.m.

Woods will present a suite of 8 new pieces at Wellin Hall in the Schambach Center at Hamilton College. The concert is free.

Woods, who has written over 700 music works in all genres. “With the myriad of complex issues that we are facing as a nation, music is a common denominator that brings us together,” Woods said in a statement. “This new music suite of 8 pieces, (...) ‘Thugmanuzzahinemmeride’ was composed to provide a remedy for what is ailing us. Those in attendance will leave feeling hopeful about our future.”

Woods will be joined on stage by “world-renown” drummer and percussionist Jakubu Griffin of Las Vegas, Nev., who has been featured on several prior Kick-off concerts.

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